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Our Company was founded to make a difference for People and the Environment I believe we can all benefit from Living a Healthier and Greener Lifestyle. Change is hard and with support from Family, Friends and Organizations we can help others live a Healthier and Greener lifestyle one day at a time.

Long before America began "Going Green," We have been promoting products and ideas that make our homes and offices "Healthier" and "Greener."    Our product lines are built around Healthy Living and going "Green" is a big part of this. Take a look at some of our Green and Healthy Living Products below.  

Fresh Air: 
ActivePure Technology is nature's air purifier! Fresh Air uses only nature-based processes to clean your indoor air. ActivePure kills germs, bacteria, mold, many viruses, and terrible challenges like MRSA staph on environmental surfaces** indoors. Fresh Air helps clear the air up to 250 times faster than without the unit!
Click Here for a video: Our Product in a Day Care Absenteeism reduced 75%.
PowerwoRX-e3: Can Save up to 25% off your current electric bill.
·         10 Year Warranty.
·         UL listed and tested.
·         $25,000 guarantee against 
Surges/Spikes includes Lightning strikes.
·         Motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor.
·         The Technology is recognized by
the US Department of Energy.
·         Electrical Noise Filtration.

Laundry Pure: Turns your current Washing Machine into a Green Washing Machine.No Detergent, No Bleach, & No Hot Water=Saves Money, Cleaner Clothes, & it's green. 
EcoH:  This is an incredible product that replaces dozens of caustic home cleaners. The product biodegrades so there's no pollution. And it saves tons of money and space. Remember, more is not necessarily better.  You only use a tiny amount of concentrated ecoH with lots of water in a spray bottle to make window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, car wash, pre-spotting on cuffs and collars, degreaser, pet baths, floor cleaner, dish soap - you name it and ecoH will clean it naturally, safely, and inexpensively.
Living Water: Tens of millions of people turn on their water tap and get something extra they did not bargain for - pharmaceutical grade drugs. Use the natural choice for fresh, clean water.
Free Green Consultation:
If you would like a green consultation for your home please contact me at your earliest convenience.