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Healthy Living Associates, Inc., Incorporated Has the Solution
Established in 1992, our firm has been offering solutions to landlords and tenants that affect their health, both environmentally and monetarily. The various services we provide and the Associates, we work with allow residential and business people to make effective use of their property, and their time. Besides handling a variety of different types of real estate transactions, air purification issues, reduction of building’s use of electricity and the reduction of the cost of its natural gas; we are associated with qualified tradesmen that allow residents and business owners to continue to live their lives in an efficient manner.

Below please find a summary list of the various services we offer as consultants and contracted vendors:
Real Estate
Relocation - Anywhere in the United States, from across the street to across the country.
Downsizing - From senior citizens who need assistance in deciding what to keep versus what to give away, to businesses that have too much, space and want to save money on their operating costs, we coordinate licensed residential and commercial Realtors, Seniors Move Manager Services, Moving Companies, ETC.; to save you time, money and reduce the stress of making the transition.
Investment Properties – Locating, assisting in the purchase of, and managing commercial and residential properties for investment clients.

Environmental Services.
Indoor Air and Surface Testing – Ensures the safety and efficiency of the people living or working in the subject space.
Mold Sanitation and Remediation -Professional removal of any contaminated matter that exist in the air or reside on surfaces.
Air Purification Technology – Allows our clients to live and work without the fear of contaminates residing in their living space.
Pest Control – From Termites to Bed Bugs, Rodents and alike; we can help. Our Licensed professional have decades of experience. In addition    we offer solutions that customer can use themselves that can prevent pests from returning. 

Detergent Free Clothes Washing – We can provide proven technology that will allow you to wash clothing without using harmful chemical and save you money by removing the need to use hot water.
 House Cleaning – We can arrange for the cleaning of your property on a weekly, or monthly basis. In addition we provide whole clean-outs of a residents or business space when you leave for you next destination.

Energy Cost Reductions
Reduction in Natural Gas Costs – we help our clients reduce their heating and cooking bills. Many states, including New York State, are now promoting the direct purchase of natural gas from third-party vendors, allowing residential and commercial clients the opportunity to say between 10 and 12% on their annual natural gas Bill.
Reduction in Electrical Usage - we provide our clients with the opportunity to install technology that can reduce their electrical by over 10%, while reducing the downtime on electrical appliances and machinery. 

Energy Audits – Our associates review your utility bills, identify overcharges, and help with your refund.
General Property Maintenance and Home Improvement
From Lawn Care services in the summer to Snow Removal in the winter, we are associated with professionals throughout the area that can provide, competitively priced services such as:

Architects, Interior Designers, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, General Contractors, Parking Lot Contractors, Masons, Painters, plus many, many more.
Need a door hung or an extension added? Our licensed and insured contractors will save you money and provide quality work.

In summary, Healthy Living and its Associates can take the guesswork out of what to do, when to do it, and who to use; knowing that we make our client’s interests our number 1 priority. Save time, money and peace of mind using Healthy Living Associates, Inc. The majority of what we offer is handled by our own in-house staff. Our “Associates” do the rest. “We are with your every step of the way!”